Gilardi’s starting point for the creation of the rocks was the material rather than the objects’ ultimate function as seating. He was fascinated by the possibilities of polyurethane foam for all kinds of shaping, carving, finishing, and coloring. These “nature fakes,” as he termed them, were conceived as a kind of tactile, livable art: “I was trying to create a fantastic nature landscape for men living among all the modern city’s concrete… Like most of the artists of my generation I don’t see much in the exclusivity of art. I believe in art as a consumer item to be retailed at big stores rather than in galleries.”
Gallery label from From the Collection: 1960-69, March 26, 2016 – March 12, 2017.

catalogo Gufram

rivista design anni ’70

from the catalogue of the exposition
“The new domestic landscape”
Moma ,NY, 1967

“Sedilsasso”, 1967, at the solo exposition “Tappeto Natura” , Magazzino Italian Art Museum, Cold Spring, NY, 2022-2023.