Corso Casale 121, 10132 Turin – Italy

The Foundation was formed in may 2012 by the artist and a series of his collaborators and admirers in order to collect, preserve and transmit the testimony, works and writings of his long and complex excursus of artistic research which began in 1963 until the matrix of the cultural project of the Park of Living Art in Turin.
The textual and iconographic materials of the Foundation archives, as well as information made available to modern and contemporary art experts, art school students, art lovers and the general public.
The active members of the Foundation are Piero Gilardi – presidente, Enrico Bonanate – secretary, Giuliana Ponti – treasurer, Maria Grazia Santoni e Paolo Farinetti – operative staff.
To contribute to the Foundation’s financial support you can make a donation, by writing and giving to us your postal address and tax code; you will receive a deductible tax receipt.